Sociology ARTICLES

Life or death psychology: exploring the minds of mass shooters

According to criminal justice professor Adam Lankford, there are fundamental differences between mass shooters who die and mass shooters who live...
Police crime scene tape

Is parental divorce hazardous to your health?

Individuals who experience parental separation before the age of 16 have raised inflammation during adulthood, new study reveals...
Parents arguing

Baby bust: economic crisis causes fall in birth rates

Global recession has put some young people off starting families and caused a decline in birth rates across Europe, according to demographers in Germany...
Young couple on beach

Zombies offer fresh insights into crowd behaviour

Zombie simulator reveals how stress can impact decision making and crowd behaviour during emergency evacuations…
Will the European Union succeed in generating 20 per cent of its energy from renewable sources by 2020?
Are technological advances distracting educators from the job at hand?
Yes 57% No 43%
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