Flying robot controlled by thought power

A flying robot controlled by thought power has been developed by University of Minnesota engineering researchers
Professor Bin He and quadcopter

Two small steps for Harwell, one giant leap for UK space science

David Willetts and Jean-Jacques Dordain attend a double launch for the European Space Agency’s first UK facility and the Satellite Applications Catapult
Jean-Jacques Dordain unveils ECSAT

Lateral-line sensors allow new robotic fish to go with the flow

Scientists involved in the EU-funded FILOSE project have developed a robotic fish that is capable of navigating flowscapes
FILOSE robotic fish

Robotics and the human brain - nothing like the movies?

Advances in our knowledge of human brain processes and systems will usher in a new era for robotics and raise challenging questions for society, says Professor Danica Kragic
Cyborg man
Should we be worried about the arrival of peak oil?
Is it necessary to understand the meaning of an artwork to appreciate it objectively?
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