More support needed for Generation Y

JISC’s Louisa Dale explains why educators must help doctoral students to optimise their use of technological resources
Student using laptop in library

Necessity of science emphasised at ESOF 2012 Opening Ceremony

Society cannot afford to view research as a luxury according to scientists and policymakers speaking at ESOF 2012 launch
ESOF 2012 Opening Ceremony

Towards sound e-infrastructure - supercomputers unveiled

At the launch of the e-Infrastructure South Centre for Innovation Dr Lesley Thompson of EPSRC talks to ScienceOmega.com about the government’s multimillion pound investment in e-infrastructure
Dr Lesley Thompson

Passport to progress

The British Council's Martin Davidson argues that more should be done to foster an international outlook amongst young scientists
UK Passport
Fishing boatProtecting the oceans between us
Nuclear power plantMoving on from Fukushima - an interview with Mats Ladeborn
MosquitoMalaria controls must be maintained to be effective
Emissions from chimneyReport predicts challenges for UK government's CCS strategy

Education and Skills

Girl maths homework
Girls more mathematically anxious Spotting excellence Mathematical detail puts scientists off Valuable life lessons offered by collegiate athletics


Girl maths homework
Girls more mathematically anxious Is mathematics ridiculous or sublime? Maths makes and breaks nestedness theory Mathematical detail puts scientists off


Cape lets Batman down (too quickly) Astrophysical contact - red dwarfs get ‘impossibly’ close Higgs lives, but what will become of curiosity? CERN scientists discover particle consistent with Higgs boson


Variety is the spice of space Chasing comets around the sun Astrophysical contact - red dwarfs get ‘impossibly’ close Part and particle
Professor Tim Dant contends that sociology can shed light on how material interactions impact upon society. Should sociologists be interested in the domain of material interaction?
Science author Richard Martin contends that nuclear power – in the form of thorium – is the only viable solution to global climate change. Do you agree?
Yes 44% No 56%
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