Proteins used to produce nanofibres

A new method for the production of nanofibres could lead to novel medical technologies
Protein model

Chemistry brings greater consistency to nanotechnology

Researchers have used new techniques to grow consistently sized nanoparticles

New technology could use body heat to power iPod

New device creates electricity using differences in temperature

Nanoscience investment to benefit healthcare sector

ESPRC and TSB make £6.5m available for nanoscale technology projects

Computer Sciences

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Trajectory of potassium atoms
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Assortment of pills
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Train moving at speed
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Sir Patrick Moore told Science Omega that in his opinion, the United Kingdom is doing enough to encourage future generations of scientists. Do you agree?
Professor Anne Glover says there has been unparalleled acceleration in knowledge because of our use of GM. Is the public debate surrounding GM based more on emotion than evidence?
Yes 60% No 40%
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