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Do neonicotinoids harm organisms other than insects?

The threat posed to bees by neonicotinoid insecticides ‘may be just the tip of the iceberg’, according to new study

Shape of the land, shape of the language

University of Miami linguist Dr Caleb Everett explains the link between certain consonant sounds and high-altitude languages
Gergeti church Georgia

How stable is the Earth system?

University of Southampton scientists use cybernetics to describe the control systems that allow life on Earth to thrive in spite of the odds
Earth from space

Climate change rage: it’s not big and it’s not clever

This week, I have a whinge about the pseudo-sceptics who, for some strange reason, believe that anger constitutes an argument
Angry man hits laptop
Should we be worried about the arrival of peak oil?
Is it necessary to understand the meaning of an artwork to appreciate it objectively?
Yes 44% No 56%

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