Committed to connecting the world

Dr Hamadoun Tourť, Secretary-General of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), explains how he believes we can connect the world by 2015
Dr Hamadoun Tourť

Text by sign language enjoys technology leap

New development could allow hand movements to be converted into written messages
Hand gesture

Social media didn't start the fire

Dr Paul Reilly, Lecturer in Media and Communication at the University of Leicester, explains why people, rather than social media, are ultimately responsible for civil unrest
Blackberry mobile phone

Gadgets, cars and power tools - getting to know Jon Bentley

Gadget Show presenter, Jon Bentley, discusses his passions, inspirations and ambitions for the future
Gadget Show presenter Jon Bentley
Car-themed mouseThe rise of the machines
Telecommunications antennaResearchers achieve record-breaking wireless speeds
Internet address barPaving the way for the Internet of the future

Computer Sciences

Automatic system for air navigation and collision avoidance Making silver surfing accessible Copyrights and wrongs From the brain to the battlefield: Neuroscience and the military

Education and Skills

Children at computer
Education 2.0
Breathing new life into life science Making silver surfing accessible Combine and conquer


Airport departures and arrivals
New research into the spread of germs via food
Lack of research concerning home drinking Hospital rooms could facilitate healing Caring in crisis


Glass of red wine
Lack of research concerning home drinking Copyrights and wrongs A social snapshot of the United Kingdom Disability increases one's likelihood of encountering violence
Sir Patrick Moore told Science Omega that in his opinion, the United Kingdom is doing enough to encourage future generations of scientists. Do you agree?
Professor Anne Glover says there has been unparalleled acceleration in knowledge because of our use of GM. Is the public debate surrounding GM based more on emotion than evidence?
Yes 60% No 40%
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