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Intelligent little girl with book

High IQ means intelligent information filtering

The ability to automatically select relevant sensory information is as important to intelligence as the ability to process it quickly, says Dr Duje Tadin
Sign language for love

Signs of progress: building local capacity to celebrate deafness

David Justice, International Programs Director of Discovering Deaf Worlds, underlines the value of building local capacity to celebrate deafness...

Minimum alcohol pricing: who wins and who loses?

New study questions the motives behind government proposals to introduce a minimum price per unit of alcohol in the United Kingdom
Flexible printed electronics

Graphene ink could be the future for foldable electronics

Northwestern University scientists overcome challenges to develop a printable graphene-based ink for electronic applications


QWERTY keyboard

Is it time to bid QWERTY farewell?

New research highlights the benefits offered by smartphone input methods such as Swype and SwiftKey
Istanbul Congress Center ICC

Persistent progress - an interview with ERA-EDTA's President

ERA-EDTA President Professor Raymond Vanholder converses with at the organisation’s 50th annual congress
Chinese medicine

Beyond the conventional: can CAM improve health outcomes?

EPHA’s Sascha Marschang questions whether complementary and alternative medicine can offer a win-win approach for better healthcare...

Carbohydrate complexities: advancing glycoscience

Glycoscience is essential to our understanding of biology and a field that is coming into its own, according to Professor Geert-Jan Boons of the Complex Carbohydrate Research Center…

Termite mounds inspire new ‘breathing’ buildings

Scientists will use termite technology to design buildings capable of exchanging stale and fresh air without losing heat

Re-presenting: the Young Nephrologists' Platform

Dr Miklos Molnar discusses the aims and ambitions of the fledgling Young Nephrologists' Platform at ERA-EDTA's annual congress

Chronic kidney disease: a growing global issue's Katy Edgington reports from Istanbul, where, in the presence of nephrologists from across the world, the ERA-EDTA's 50th Congress is about to begin