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Healthcare and Innovation Expo 2013

Help at the touch of a button: the case for online therapy

Online therapy has the capacity to provide 21st Century mental healthcare anywhere, at any time, says MyMind CEO Krystian Fikert...
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The eighth wonder: developments in synthetic biology

Synthetic Biology Lead Technologist Dr Belinda Clarke describes the role of the Technology Strategy Board in the development of this key field with Editor Amy Caddick...
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New tool could improve prognoses for musculoskeletal diseases

A simple prognostic tool could help GPs to more accurately predict the disease outcomes of patients with musculoskeletal conditions
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Imaging and Applied Optics: Optics & Photonics Congress

Renaissance Arlington Capital View, Arlington, Virginia, USA
23 June 2013 to 27 June 2013

ePIC ePortfolio and Identity Conference 2013

The IET, Savoy Place, London, United Kingdom
08 July 2013 to 10 July 2013


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Should the European Commission place a permanent ban on the use of neonicotinoids?
Should we be worried about the arrival of peak oil?
Yes 64% No 36%
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Now that non-Western countries are submitting research, the theories are so adolescent and basically infantile in logic and misogynistic prejudice, it's appalling.

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