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Alcor contract surgeonsExploring cryonics: could science offer new life after death?
Fields such as regenerative medicine and nanomedicine have transformed cryonics from a fringe science into a discipline with genuine potential, says futurist Dr Max More...

AlcoholMinimum alcohol pricing: who wins and who loses?
New study questions the motives behind government proposals to introduce a minimum price per unit of alcohol in the United Kingdom

DroughtTackling water inequality: can we avoid a global crisis?
On UNW World Water Day 2013, experts warn that we must learn to effectively manage global water resources if we are to end water inequality

Overweight man on scalesCriteria for weight-loss surgery have been set too high
Experts are calling for a reduction in the BMI that obese patients must exceed in order to qualify for bariatric surgery

Baby with plastic spoonEU is failing to protect consumers against hazardous chemicals
A Swedish study has concluded that EU legislation is leaving both consumers and the environment at risk from potentially harmful chemicals

Airline pilotRelaxed flight-time limitations for pilots could threaten safety
Flight-time limits for European pilots are ‘dissociated from the realities of life’, warns UK safety expert

Cyber securityDefending cyberspace: why national mindsets need to change
Experts warn that as the defence of cyberspace becomes more important than that of land, sea or air, Cold War attitudes must be abandoned

Elderly woman wearing heart monitorIncreasing poverty in older age is bad news for health
New research suggests that because many UK citizens are likely to be poorer than expected in old age, health outcomes will suffer

President Obama and Governor RomneyHow would science have fared under Romney?
In the wake of President Obama’s re-election, Professor Barry Bozeman considers how a different outcome might have affected US R&D;

UK motorwayCould ‘super lorries’ benefit the United Kingdom?
New research suggests that the introduction of high capacity vehicles onto UK roads could benefit the country both economically and environmentally

Old-fashioned televisionWhat is television good for?
Professor Tim Dant, Head of Lancaster University’s Department of Sociology, explores television’s capacity to keep us in touch with the moral order of society

London busWhy might a bus pass be good for your health?
Researchers from Imperial College London have identified an association between free bus passes and physical activity amongst older people

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Once again the crystal skull and magic beans tendency has cast it's dead hand over this website. This is a terrible shame, and lends me to believe that it's editors won't be satisfied until they've featured a geneticist working to create a centaur. Or at least an elf.

Commented Roger Breeze on
Zombies offer fresh insights into crowd behaviour
This is not the serious science of challenging, checking, and probing; this is destructive and loudly clamouring scepticism born of vested interest, nimbyism, public-seeking controversialism, or sheer blinkered, dogmatic, political bloody-mindedness.

UK Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change Ed Davey MP speaking on 'destructive' climate change scepticism

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