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Projecting humanity's dark side
A researcher has investigated why some contemporary filmmakers would rather disgust than entertain

How did the tiger get its stripes?
New research supports code-breaker's theory concerning the formation of leopard spots and tiger stripes

Redefining the kilogram
Measurement scientists have taken a significant step towards changing the international definition of a kilogram

New technology could use body heat to power iPod
New device creates electricity using differences in temperature

Water planet confirmed
Researchers confirm the existence of "Super Earth" that consists mainly of water

Potentially harmful nanoparticles in food
Study suggests that if consumed on a daily basis, nanoparticles in food could cause damage in humans

New electron microscope in development
A new electron microscope could facilitate more detailed examinations of magnetic materials

Molecule discovery reveals chemical reactions in wood
New research uncovers 'mini-cellulose' molecule that could help to advance biofuel chemistry

Funding boost for UK space industry
British companies are to share £2.5m of government investment in a bid to encourage space technologies

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions - a marathon, not a sprint
Low-carbon technologies 'may not offer reduction in global warming', claims study

Vegetarian diet 'could considerably reduce carbon footprint'
Research reveals the true environmental cost of what we put into our shopping baskets

New network to boost plant science research
European Commission launches international plant science network to tackle global challenges

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I'm a little concerned that the term "potato shaped" is misleading. Potatoes are, if anything, usually prolate spheroids, and the Earth, as far as I am aware, is an oblate spheroid.

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