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Farmer harvestingNitrous oxide emissions need to be tackled
Researchers have emphasised the potential problems that could result from the release of nitrous oxide into the Earth's atmosphere

Red blood cellsBlood protein linked to heart disease
Researchers have investigated a protein's potential to protect the body from cardiovascular problems

Hand gestureText by sign language enjoys technology leap
New development could allow hand movements to be converted into written messages

VaccinationRidding immune systems of the HIV infection
New vaccination strategy could help to force HIV infections out of immune systems

Fibre opticsEPSRC awards £18m to UCL for future ICT research
The EPSRC has announced the funding of three UCL-led projects that will develop future information and communication technologies

United KingdomA social snapshot of the United Kingdom
A new study has attempted to deliver a comprehensive picture of UK society

SynapseAntibodies used to halt Alzheimer's disease
Researchers have identified specific antibodies that block the process of synapse disintegration in mice

Raven robotsSurgical robots offer open-source research opportunities
Identical robotic systems will provide a common research platform for the development of surgical technologies

NASA Curiosity RoverNASA brings community colleges on board
New initiative aims to involve community college students in the design of robotic rovers

Automated machineryEPSRC calls for manufacturing proposals
Manufacturing systems must become more flexible if UK is to retain its global economic competitiveness

Protein modelProteins used to produce nanofibres
A new method for the production of nanofibres could lead to novel medical technologies

NanostructureChemistry brings greater consistency to nanotechnology
Researchers have used new techniques to grow consistently sized nanoparticles

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I'm a little concerned that the term "potato shaped" is misleading. Potatoes are, if anything, usually prolate spheroids, and the Earth, as far as I am aware, is an oblate spheroid.

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