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I think Raspberry Pi is an excellent opportunity to get people back into 'real computing'. I teach mainly to 19+ does anyone have any experience teaching RPi to this range of learners?

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Manchester academics introduce schoolchildren to a life of Pi
The radio emissions that we have observed have a certain shape to them. By analysing the shape of these radio waves, we can tell that they have been produced by processes similar to those that generate radio emissions above the Earth's auroras. In light of this, we are pretty sure that they have been caused by the acceleration of charged particles along magnetic field lines. Whether on Earth or on other planets, auroras occur when charged particles are funnelled along the object's magnetic field towards its poles. When they hit the atmosphere, they cause it to glow. However, before this happens, special kinds of radio wave are emitted into space. This was actually the process by which Jupiter's magnetic field was discovered; before we even knew about Earth's radiation belts. The presence of these radio waves is a strong indication that auroras are occurring outside our solar system.

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