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Angry man hits laptopClimate change rage: it’s not big and it’s not clever
This week, I have a whinge about the pseudo-sceptics who, for some strange reason, believe that anger constitutes an argument

Rt Hon Michael Gove MPDoes new SPaG test show Gove’s lack of open-ended imagination?
This week, I ask whether it’s time for the British education system to rekindle its love affair with the open-ended outcome...

Nuclear waste and smiley faceHow I learned to stop worrying and love nuclear power
In this week's blog, I argue that society should accept atomic energy as the big, cuddly teddy bear that it so evidently is

Red cabbageThe Greengrocer’s Guide to the Galaxy
In this week's blog, I discuss the prospect of extraterrestrial vegetables, and consider some of the wider benefits that might arise from intergalactic greenery

CocktailsLies, damn lies, and alcohol statistics
This week, I ask whether the fact that the United Kingdom has become a nation of clandestine tipplers is necessarily a bad thing

LasagneA spoonful of Shergar helps the ready meal go down
This week, I ask whether it’s worth getting worked up over the odd equine lasagne

ArchaeopteryxWalking with dinobirds
This week, I take a look at animals that spend their time masquerading as other animals

Asteroid hitting EarthApocalypse how?
In what could well be my last ever blog, I accept that we’re living in the end times and consider how things are likely to pan out

MoustacheTop five scientific moustaches
This week, celebrates Movember by paying tribute to five of the finest ever scientific nose neighbours

Chemistry experimentWho cares about science?
This week, I ask whether or not we should be concerned about scientific apathy

Manchester AirportDelays and dermatology - 2012: A Prague Odyssey
This week, I mention EADV 2012 in passing before reliving a hellish Thursday at Manchester Airport

Invisible manPhotographing the invisible
This week, I discuss the daunting task of examining what can’t be seen and suggest some possible explanations of dark energy

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Now that non-Western countries are submitting research, the theories are so adolescent and basically infantile in logic and misogynistic prejudice, it's appalling.

Commented Christina Richter on
Menopause down to men's preference for younger women?
This is not the serious science of challenging, checking, and probing; this is destructive and loudly clamouring scepticism born of vested interest, nimbyism, public-seeking controversialism, or sheer blinkered, dogmatic, political bloody-mindedness.

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